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Functional Medicine could change your life.

Functional Medicine could change your life.

Posted on March 27 2020, By: Jonathan Hamilton

Functional Medicine could change your life.

How embracing Functional Medicine could change your life.

We’ve all heard of conventional medicine (visiting your doctor, getting a prescription, going to the hospital, MRI scans & having tests done etc etc) but have you heard of functional medicine?

We found a brilliant article by Chris Kesser that explains it all perfectly in depth but in brief, Functional Medicine is one that promotes wellness and helps both prevent and treat chronic disease. Although its concepts are not new, in this way, its approach is revolutionary. We absolutely believe that Functional Medicine is the future of medicine.

Functional medicine should be adopted in your everyday life to prevent the need for conventional medicine & visits to the hospital. We’re hearing all too often people suffering from worsened conditions & reactions because of their bodies being overloaded with prescribed drugs. If instead we adopt a functional medicine approach & change our diet, lifestyle & behaviours to massively reduce our risks of chronic diseases, it means that when we must turn to conventional medicine (for example, god forbid someone was in a terrible car accident), our bodies can accept this conventional medicine & treatment within an already healthy base.

A great metaphor that Chris Kesser used was ‘Imagine you’re on a boat, and the boat is leaking. You can bail water from the boat so it sinks more slowly, but if the leaks are still there, you’ll have limited success in trying to stay afloat. The conventional medicine approach is mostly focused on bailing water out of the boat without fixing the leaks. But wouldn’t it make more sense to prevent the leaks from happening in the first place, and then fix them completely if they do spring up? There might still be the need to bail some water initially, but if the leaks get repaired, the boat becomes steadied. Eventually, there’s no more bailing required, and the sailing—or living—can resume (and it may be better than before). This is what Functional Medicine is all about.’

Our point is, embracing the functional medicine lifestyle could prevent or solve a problem rather than just manage it through conventional medicine.



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