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Going Bald?

Going Bald?

Posted on December 01 2019, By: Jonathan Hamilton

Going Bald?

Hair or No Hair?

Recently, The BBC reported thousands of men are flying to Turkey for hair transplants. Now we all know why they are getting this type of surgery abroad, as it’s the same reason why females get theirs – because it’s cheaper! However, is there really a need for men to resort to extremes like this, especially now that there is more acceptance and pride for our differences in how we look?

While on my way home from work, scrolling through social media, I discovered this video which made me think this what a coincidence that I find 2 pieces of content that talk about male hair issues but also lead me to believe this is more prevalent than just the odd one or two cases. 

I think the most crucial part of the video is when he says about a female he was talking say told him “she doesn’t date bald guys.” Is it because of stories like this which make us guys obsess over our hair? You see it all the time, guys checking their hair to see if it’s receding and doing everything in their power to prevent those signs from showing.

On the flip side, however, there has been an increasing amount of men who proudly go bald and embrace it in all its glory. Let’s look at some celebrities who have done this and seen nothing by greatness from it, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel to just name a few. They are considered “sex symbols” because of their confidence, which includes being confident with their baldness, are role models for men and are physically very fit, which begs the question why someone would ostracise another person for being bald?

This got me thinking even more and wondering if this is a form of ageism towards men. Getting older comes with certain traits which are often not considered “desirable”, however, going bald is not something that only affects the older gentlemen and doesn’t define how good the man’s DNA is, so are the people who “don’t date bald guys” projecting a negative view of older men, even if the guy they are talking to is young, healthy and fit.

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