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  • Product Info

    • Antioxidant Face & Shave Serum
    • Vitamin A Face Cream
    • Odyssey Face Wash
    • Konjac Exfoliating Sponge

    Using highly nutritional botanical ingredients to achieve authentic results against wrinkles and baggy eyes; Our 3-step skin care routine also prevents day to day shaving irritations like razor burns, spots and rosacea redness through the formulations anti-inflammation & anti-bacterial properties. Experience a much cleaner & better shave without impacting the environment by using non-polluting ingredients & eco-friendly packaging. 

    To gain the maximum performance you have to be committed to a daily routine. This only takes 5 minutes. 1) Wash your face 2) apply the serum 3) moisturise with a cream.

    CLEANSE & CLEAN - facial washes provide healthy alternatives to removing dirt from the skin, along with elasticity benefits. 

    MASSAGE & NOURISH - facial serum is the key product to solving your skin concern - providing authentic nourishing benefits against free radical damage. Use the antioxidant face serum to shave over foams & gels.

    MOISTURISE & HYDRATE - Moisturiser products play a supportive role by providing hydration and protective coating across the skin. apply after rinsing off with cold water.