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Is it Nonsense?

Let’s Talk About retinol

Retinol. We’ve all heard of it. Most of us have heard the horror stories. But do you know why Retinol is so harmful to your skin and a waste of your money? An official line on Retinol is “Retinol is a potent form of synthetic vitamin A. Data from an FDA study indicate that retinoid ingredients may speed the development of skin tumours and lesions on sun-exposed skin.” 

What Retinol does to your skin...

When Retinol is applied to your skin, it will prompt the surface skin cells to turnover and die rapidly, making way for the new cell growth underneath. Umm hold on a minute, that doesn’t even sound that bad does it? Well, by encouraging your skin to do this process you are not only burning the top layer of your skin, you are interfering with the molecular biology of those cells and disturbing the natural protection surface layer.

The new skin you are exposing has not had enough time to build up its natural protection and that can mean you are exposed to Skin Cancer, Pigmentation Spots and premature Ageing. This is no daily use product and we highly advise against any use of Retinol based products.

The Better Alternative

Vitamin C Face Serum |  Beard Stimulant Oil

This is your Natural Retinol alternative. Formulated to tackle Premature Ageing, it’s a detoxifying, refreshing and hydrating natural blend of unadulterated vital oils. 

Enriched with a triple-action brightening complex, The base of the Oils within this product work together to protect your skin against the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles- UVA Damage, Free Radical damage and a loss of suppleness. You will not get any of these benefits from a Retinol based product.

Vitamin A Face Cream | Enriching Moisturiser For Men's Dry Skin

There are two main considerations you need to take into account when deciding what moisturiser is best for your skin.

1) Moisturisers should be secondary to your skin care routine and used after applying a serum or face oil 2) The focus is on absorbing key nourishment actives rather than what oils feel like vs creams. So, pick a cream that will help with hydration depending on skin type. This is great for dryer skin types to use with the face serum.