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Satin & Silk Blend | Dark Roast

  • From our roaster in Worcestershire
  • 100% speciality-grade coffee
  • 200 gram bag serves 14 cups
  • Roasted before it arrives through your door

200 Gram
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The coffee

The dark roast gives the coffee depth and smoothness, while the medium roast adds a little sweetness. A truly flavoursome creation.


Is dark roast coffee stronger?

It depends what you mean by “stronger”. If you’re correlating supermarket rating systems and our roast levels, then yes - the higher the number, the darker the roast. But what that’s affecting is flavour, not necessarily caffeine levels (more on this later…).

Like anything, heating a coffee bean for longer or at hotter temperatures means it loses moisture through evaporation - so they become more dense.


Notes of Brown sugar ,dark bitter chocolate.


 A Indian & Ethiopian Blend.


bitter strong Body, inspired by Parisian coffee culture. 

“Juste un verre/juste un café” 

Roasting In Worcester
From our Shop
Famous for Worcester sauce and salt baths long ago, now home to our roaster and coffee house. Mr Carter has also his skin care factory next door (you will also found his skin care products for men on this site as well).   
From The Most Enthusiastic Roasters In Worcestershire.

 "I have learn't how everyone has their own preference on taste & style when it comes to coffee. My parents prefer richer blends for espresso but my mates in the city love the Aussie style of zingy coffees with milk. 

So, we've created coffee blends that will satisfy everyones flavour" 

Mr Carter, Roaster & Coffee Man.


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We donate a percentage of each sale you make on our website to homeless charities on your behalf.