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April 29,2020

Is Your Water Causing Your You Dry Skin? 

A recently published article following an investigation into our UK water supply has showed that tap water contains some really concerning chemicals which cause very dry skin even when using a water filter. The chemicals found in your water supply includes bleach, biocides (that’s pesticides) and then of course it goes through a chlorination process. 

All of these chemicals in the water will change the PH levels of skin, lowering it from a normal 4-5ph to a 1, causing dryness and irritations. If you’ve been experiencing any increased sensitivity or dryness, this probably will be the issue.

Having recently moved out of London, iv noticed the water improvement and my skin is around 20% less dry. Iv also been using our antioxidant serum in the morning with a face cream and in the evening using the vitamin c serum before taking my shut eye. 

Iv discovered that some of our oils restore the natural PH levels of the skin. This is especially useful for anyone suffering from any skin issue including rosacea or eczema where hard water can be an irritant or cause drying of your skin.  

If your not planning to move out of hard water city (could be a bit drastic) try installing a water purifier to your taps and alternating our serums for day and night cycles. Iv also noticed my tan from the bank holiday is really coming on using the serums. No burn, no dryness! 



Use the antioxdiant serum in the morning with vitamin A cream for 12 hour protection, in the evening before bed wash your face and apply the vitamin C serum to renew skin cells and promote sharper beard appearance. 


After washing as usual in the shower, apply the body oil to wet skin ( even in the shower) for very dry skin you can add our Body moisturiser over the top for extra nourishment after applying oil.