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Cool Botanical Beard Routine

Prevent a scruffy appearance using the best high-quality botanical ingredients against curly beard & irritation. But, are you the kind of guy who uses skin care just for special occasions? Well, healthy skin doesn’t work like that. To gain maximum performance you have to be committed to a daily routine (lifting a dumbbell occasionally doesn’t make you stronger). This takes 5 minutes and 3 steps - Wash your face | apply the serum | moisturise with a cream....done!
1.CLEANSE & CLEAN - facial washes provide healthy alternatives to removing dirt from the skin, along with elasticity benefits. 
2.MASSAGE & NOURISH - facial serum are the key products to solving your skin concern - providing authentic nourishing benefits against free radical damage. Use the vitamin c face serum to replenish skin under the hair and stimulate the follicles. 
3.MOISTURISE & HYDRATE - Moisturiser products play a supportive role by providing hydration and protective coating across the skin. Apply after your face serum to seal in hydration and leave a matt finish to the face.