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Girls Lift As Well

Girls Lift As Well

Posted on September 24 2020, By: Kelly Duncan

Girls Lift As Well

Top 4 action to overcome Soreness & Boost Recovery

Pushing yourself to meet physical or mental challenges but slowly the body can feel like it's grinding to a halt! That’s why some training days feel great and others will feel like a chore. Having a poor recovery process has been proven to increase fatigue, injury and affect muscle growth, not to mention setting you back on achieving certain goals and decreasing your overall determination. Here are some ideas to support tip-top condition:

    Sports Massage

Sports massage will help to break down larger and older knots and also help with recovery from injuries. Your therapist will use passive stretching techniques alongside other techniques that manipulate and stretch the tissues to increase range of movement and prevent injuries. During the treatment, your therapist will use a combination of techniques including trigger point release, joint mobilisation and passive stretching such as soft tissue release and myofascial release. This is not a relaxing massage and you should be aware that you might feel some discomfort due to the nature of the treatment.



When we train we accumulate fatigue in our bodies and often develop compensation patterns to try and move more easily. Compensation of this kind is fine in the short term but can lead to stress being placed on parts of the body unequipped to deal with what we ask of them. Osteopathy can help with everyday recovery between sessions and can also identify movement compensations to avoid future injury. Osteopathy is also well equipped to manage occupational strains such as upper back tension and postural strains incurred at work.


Weightlifting helps to build bulk, but can also result in the shortening and tightening of your muscles. This is where yoga comes to the rescue. Yoga releases tight muscles, unleashing your true fitness potential with increased range of motion. A healthy range of motion facilitates the efficient development of muscle strength, ultimately enhancing athletic performance.

    Foam roll

Regularly using a Foam Roller – especially a deep tissue massage roller – offers many of the same benefits as a sports massage, including reduced inflammation, scar tissue and joint stress, as well as improved circulation and improved flexibility. Regularly rolling pre and post workout will mean you will help prepare your muscles


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