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Are Diet Pills Really Worth The Risk?

Are Diet Pills Really Worth The Risk?

Posted on March 16 2020, By: Jonathan Hamilton

Are Diet Pills Really Worth The Risk?

Weight loss take dedication, hard work & some serious will power. Our weight loss wishes peak around key events in our lives and summertime so more often than we’d like, people start researching diet pills for help.

One person you may speak too will swear by them and another will tell you the horror stories so we decided to do some digging and find out the cold hard facts.

But first- I’m going to finish my double whammy big boy burger…..

…. Joking calm down.

First, we came across a great article on healthline.com that said “diet pill reviews have indicated that some diet pills have a plethora of side effects that degrade the basic bodily functions in the most deteriorating manner. Increase in heart rate, blood pressure and difficulty in sleeping are the initial effects of diet pills. Due to the chemicals contained in the pills, they also tend to make the person light-headed and excessively thirsty”. Not sure about you guys but this sounds illegal. They went on to say, “They can even lead to liver damage. With such health deranging effects on the body of the consumer, taking diet pills is not really a good idea.”

Then comes the risk of addiction or dependence and seriously, no ones to be addicted to something like that.

Diet pills are completely synthetic pills and are packed with harmful chemicals and unnatural agents that are absolutely no good for your body. Unnatural entities like this, rarely come without grave side effects to the body and mind.

Stress has always had a detrimental effect on the body but nowadays, we’re such a stressed-out bunch its now attributed to many risks; including weight gain and thyroid and adrenal gland issues. We have to think long term when we look for quick fixes like diet pills. Healthline said, “long-term stress leads to a reduction of adrenal glands due to which the metabolism of the person suffers. Diet pills increase the heart rate which in turn increases the blood pressure of an individual. The increased amount of stress on the adrenals due to elevated heart rate leads to further depletion of adrenal glands and reduced metabolism.”

Interesting huh. Ultimately the decision is yours of course but we really, really recommend you avoid any diet pill.


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