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Make good choices. Invest in a good routine.

Make good choices. Invest in a good routine.

Posted on August 24 2020, By: Jonathan Hamilton

Make good choices. Invest in a good routine.

Don’t make your daily routine a chore, consistency without complication will bring the gains. Many of us are sold the idea ‘1 pill a day will keep the doctor away’ and that BS advice continues to men’s bathroom routine. 1 product will cover the lot will it? 

"my shaving gel does it all"

"my cedarwood beard oil does everything"

Don’t be ridiculous. 1 gel won’t have the properties to clean your pores, hydrate your skin and nourish your cells all in one bottle. If it did it would be an absolute science miracle and not £15 at Boots!

Think of your routine like a balanced diet, 1 vegetable a day isn’t going to cut it, so buying a fancy moisturiser isn’t cutting the mustard when your using a dehydrating cheap shave foam.


  1. What am I cleansing with? Am I using a good face wash to get rid of the dirt?
  2. What kind of hydration am I using? Am I shaving with a quality oil? Am I using a serum daily to keep my skin looking invigorated?
  3. What about Nourishment? Is my moisturiser right for my skin type? Wait, is that bottle in my cabinet a moisturiser?

There are extreme variations of routines, prescribing 12 step programs that require you to set a 4:30am alarm just to get it all done, don't be sucked into these nonsense routines. Keep it simple, or you won't keep it up.

3 products, covering 3 key areas. That's all we recommend. 

  • Cleanse
  • Hydrate  
  • Nourish

Oh would you look at that... we have cleansers and moisturisers and everything we've just been talking about. Check out our product range here.


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